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Gangnam COEX Tour

An adventure in contrast like coffee and Binsu!

Visit landmarks; 

  • Bongeunsa Temple

  • Seolleung, a Kings Tomb

  • Coex Starfield Library

  • SM town

  • Olympic stadium

  • Han and Tan River Park

  • Traditional Market

  • Lotte world tower

  • Lotte Mall

Two knowledgeable local Tour Guides 

(on every tour above 2 person) to safely show you the way and give insight.


Easy to ride Bike, and safe helmet

.We Ride use Brompton bikes or the Seoul city bike. Both are comfortable and easy to ride. 


Local snacks along the way.

Your Local guide will recommend some local treats along the way.


Bottle of Mineral water

Stay hydrated!!

STO and SBA Outstanding Tourism Content Award winning tour!

A stark contrast between the traditional and the modern Gangnam style! we see where they rub shoulders and find an impressive harmony.
Delve into the dynamic of Modern Korea! Yes, Korea is rapidly changing but here, "in with the new" is not always followed by "out with the old"! Samseong-dong in Gangnam is a great demonstration of how the traditional lies side by side with the new trends and culture. The ancient sits adjacent with the modern.  One may suspect this is conflicting however One will soon discover a beautiful and fascinating harmony.

From the 15th century tranquil grounds of Seollung tomb to the cutting edge Coex complex topped with the world trade tower, and SM entertainment building bthen to the nature and calm at the Han river and Bonguesa Temple. The contrast between the old ways and the new is mesmerizing and beautiful. Why not also  select a queue jump and pass for the Lotte World tower for stunning views from the 5th tallest building in the world!



Samseong-dong Gallery

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