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We Ride Korea Walking Food Tour- Coming Soon!!

Korea is famous for is delicious food and Koreans are very proud of it. We Ride Korea have decided that this year we will incorpoarte more food into all our tours and starting from March 2020 launch our walking food tour, a well curated, excellent value for money tour that will give you a chance to try all the favourites with new friends and a local foodie to guide you in keeping the experience stress free and delicious!

Which foods will we try?

The famous location of this tour is gwangjang market. We also visit nearby Ikseongdong and a cold noodle restaurant to complete the food story/journey of this well curated tour. At gwangjang market you must try the signature mungbean pancake and hear the meaningful back story to this historic market. We will also try Kimbab, kinmchi, spicey rice cake, rice wine, cold noodle and a sweet rice cake desert, and have the opportunity to challenge our tastebuds with some more unusual treats!

You will leave this tour with a satisfied belly, an entertained mind and happy wallet! You will be amazed at the great value for money of this tour!


We will walk about 3km on this tour. It will not only get us between places but it will help us digest and eat more confortably.

Watch this space!!

If you cannot find our walking tour available on the website yet please contact us at hello@weridekorea.com to register your interest and i will be sure to get back to you with some available times.

COMPANY 주식회사 위라이드

OWNER 백시영, 립트로빈센트템바

사업자 등록번호: 442-87-01126

통신판매번호: 제 2018-서울마포-2425호

법인등록 번호: 110111-6767250

TEL 070-7722-9284

E-MAIL hello@weridekorea.com

ADDRESS 서울특별시 마포구 백범로 31길 21, 4층 420호(공덕동, 서울창업허브본관)

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