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We Ride Morning Ebike tour, Why is it such a hit?

We Ride launched the morning E-bike tour late 2019 and it has been a great success! This article will explore what is it that makes it a hit and describe the experience.

E Bike Rental in Seoul

There are a few places you can rent an ebike in Seoul. im sure a quick search on google will pull them up. And there are many great bike lanes in the city.. and some terrible ones! On arrival in Korea you will soon find that the google maps doesnt work well and the Korean mapping services are not only limited in english but will automatically route you on the bike lanes. Whilst this is generally ok the bike lanes are often not the best way to experience the city, rarely the most practical route and are not always the safeset route either! So how do you know the best way, the most practical way, the safest way and the most enjoyable route? The answer is simple: We Ride Korea!!

Experienced Local Guides

For little more than you would pay in bike rental any way why not have your own local guide to take you the best route to the best spots in the city? Our guides have years of experience ridingh in Seoul and know the city like the back of their hand. We will take you off the beaten path to places that suit your interest and hit all the top famous places too. But most importanmtly we will ride along routes that only locals (who ride bikes) know are the best and safest for cycling.

Well Curated Tour Contents

Your morning Ebike tour will take you up to the city wall at the top of Inwangsan Mountain. The view along the way and at the wall is a breathtaking birds eye view of the whole of the city with in th efour great gates. You will also be able to see as far as Gangnam and Yeouido south of the Han river as well as North to the epic mountain landscape of Bukhan Mountain. You will explore the lesser travelled West village and discover the secrets and local treats it holds. We will share a hearty local meal included in the tour price. We will try coffe at a cafe the president frequented before visiting the president's house. Then onward to the whimsical Hanok village at Bukchon before going on to the paeacful Jogyesa temple and tranquil Cheonggyecheon stream.

The four hour tour costs 45000won including lunch, water, all equiptment and personal insurance coverage!!

And that is why this great value for money tour has been fully booked all winter! Book early on the spring calendar opening today!!

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